Day programs emphasis sports and physical activity

In the area around Cuacos de Yuste you will find many opportunities for sports and exercise. The following is a very limited listing of the global possibilities. Ask us for specific suggestions.

Suggestion for programs with an emphasis on physical activities and sports:

both mountain bikers and road cyclists will find the area to be a true ´Walhalla´. You can choose between trails for all degrees of difficulty, from relaxing workout laps to heavy mountain trips of 150 kilometers or more. There is little traffic, the mountain roads are excellent, the forests and hills are intersected by unpaved roads and the climate is very suitable to cycle throughout the year.

Walkers can also enjoy themselves in the vicinity of Cuacos de Yuste and La Vera. From the village you can take many walks, including over the famous route of Emperor Charles V, or through the woods, hills and through the fields and fruit orchards.

 If you enjoy hiking in the mountains, the Gredos Mountains are ideal. Whether it’s walking tours of a few kilometers, long hikes along mountain cabins that last several days or to climb peaks of over 2,500 meters, you can find many possibilities very nearby to Cuacos de Yuste. There are plenty of GPS tracks available and several trails are well-marked.

The area is extremely rich in water. From the mountains numerous mountain streams with crystal clear water flow to the Vera. Everywhere there are natural pools, sometimes even with a private beach! Besides those natural pools, Cuacos de Yuste also has an excellent landscaped and well maintained community pool at a short walk from the apartments.

Horse riding
Extremadura has an impressive tradition of equestrianism. It is the cradle of the South and North American cowboy, or gaucho culture where herdsmen on horseback accompany their herds over great distances. Even today, it is a pleasure to explore the landscape of Extremadura riding a horse.

There are several complete courses in the area, for instance near Candaleda and Talayuela.

Adventure sports
There are professional organizations that offer active excursions for instance in the Gredos Mountains. You can enjoy activities such as canyoning, rock climbing, canoeing, archery and 4×4 tours (