Extremadura is one of the most pristine and authentic regions in Spain. It is a great area for nature and culture lovers, people who love peace and of course for (nature) photographers, far away from mass tourism. The name ‘Extremadura’ has nothing to do with it having an extremely hard or rough climate, as sometimes erroneously is believed. For the Romans it was simply the area ´at the other (extreme) side of the Duero’. The climate is benign and the landscape is accessible throughout the year. Extremadura is a surprisingly watery part of Spain with numerous mountain streams, big rivers, lakes, ponds and marshland.

We have put together several suggestions for possible activities for a stay of a period between 2 days and 2 weeks. These suggestions will give you an idea of the many possibilities the area offers. These day programs hopefully inspire you and can be adjusted to your specific needs. You can also mix elements of the different sorts of programs we have put together (with emphasis on culture, nature or physical activity) to compose your own special and varied stay in Extremadura.

Touristic information, maps and GPS tracks

During your stay you can use touristic information, maps and GPS tracks (for hiking and cycling) we have available for you. We will also gladly help you with specific directions and suggestions for your activities.


We offer the possibility to be accompanied on a day tour that is put together in consultation, for example in the mountains of the Sierra de Gredos. This costs 75 Euros per day

Day programs

Suggestions for day programs with an emphasis on culture:

Suggestions for day programs with an emphasis on nature:

Suggestions for day programs with an emphasis on sports and physical activity: