The apartments of ´Entre Fuentes´ are truly ideal for a stay of several days or longer because they offer a level of comfort and privacy you will not easily find in a hotel or B&B. During your stay you can combine rest with activities in nature, culture, good food and physical exercise. We suggest complete day-to-day programs for a stay from 2 days to 2 weeks in ´suggestions for programs´.


Historical villages and cities

Jarandilla de la Vera, Valverde de la Vera, Garganta la Olla and the other beautiful villages of the La Vera area deserve a visit. From Cuacos the Yuste you can easily visit historical cities like Cáceres, Trujillo, Guadalupe, Coria, Mérida and Plasencia.

Natural beauty

People that love beautiful nature have the possibility to discover the impressive diversity in landscapes and scenery in the surrounding area. Hiking in the hills and mountains, cycling, swimming in one of the many natural pools, bird watching… The area offers all these possibilities and many more. Departing from Cuacos de Yuste you can enjoy the area of La Vera with its lush oak forests, the Gredos mountain range with peeks up to 2800 m, the Valley of the Jerte, famous for the cherry blossom in spring, the dehesa of Extremadura (tree-meadow landscape with magnificent oak trees) and of course the famous National Park of Monfragüe, known for its rare birds, like the Iberian Imperial Eagle and the big griffon vultures.


It is very easy to visit unknown though beautiful parts of Portugal in a day trip over good roads through beautiful landscapes. The historical town of Monsanto has an amazing castle, and several houses are built under or in between huge granite boulders. Castelo Branco is another city that is truly worth a visit.

Madrid, Salamanca, Ávila and Segovia

The north of Extremadura is close to several of the most beautiful cities of Spain like Salamanca, Ávila and Segovia. You can use Cuacos de Yuste as your base camp to visit these cities or combine your stay in ´Entre Fuentes´ with a visit of several days to inspiring and vibrant Madrid.

A pleasant and mild climate

The climate of the Vera Valley is very mild throughout the year. In summer the maximum temperatures are between 25 and 32 degrees centigrade with nights in which the temperature drops considerably to allow for good sleep. Spring begins early in March, and autumn lasts long and is very mild. Winters are cool, but rarely cold. The sun shines a lot and there is snow on the peaks of the Gredos mountain range.

Minimum and maximum temperatures oC:

Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
10 12 15 19 22 28 32 31 27 20 14 10
  2   3   5   7 10 14 15 16 14 10  5  3