Directions to Cuacos de Yuste

Address: Plaza de España, 17. 10430, Cuacos de Yuste (Cáceres)


Driving from Madrid airport

 If you fly with, e.g., KLM, AirEuropa or Ryanair, you will arrive at the “old” terminals (Terminals 1, 2 and 3). Companies like Iberia and BA arrive at the new Terminal 4. The first part of these directions is determined by the terminal you depart from (they are far apart), but as soon as you get to the M40 ring road, the route is the same.


  • From Terminals 1, 2 and 3 until the M40

Follow the left lane to get to the connecting road M-13 towards “M-12/A-1/Burgos/Terminal T4”.

Keep left at the intersection, follow the signs “Madrid centro ciudad” and enter the M-14.

From now on follow the signs “M40 (sur)”.

For the rest of the directions, see “Directions after reaching the M40” below.

  • From Terminal 4 until the M40

 Follow the double left lane to get to the connecting road “M-12 to Madrid/M-11/M-40”.

Follow the middle lane towards the M-13.

Keep right at the intersection and follow the signs towards “M-13/M-111/ Barajas/Aeropuerto”.

Follow the signs “Todas direcciones/M40/Madrid Centro ciudad” and enter the M-14

From now on follow the signs “M40 (sur)”.

For the rest of the directions, see “Directions after reaching the M40” below.


Directions after reaching the M40

Once on the M40 keep following “R5 Badajoz/A5 Badajoz”.

From the M40 ring road there are two options to leave Madrid towards Cuacos de Yuste: the toll-free route over the A5 or the toll road R5. The first possibility you will find is the exit to the toll road R5. The cost is about 5 euros (2 toll stations, cash or credit card), but the road is very quiet and you save about 15 minutes, probably more in rush hour. The R5 eventually joins the A5 outside the metropolitan area of Madrid.

To avoid the toll route, just follow the M40 ring road a bit longer until you reach the exit “A5 Badajoz/Portugal”.

Once you are on the A5 towards Badajoz/Portugal, simply follow the road for 200 km right until passing the town of Navalmoral de la Mata. You will already be in Extremadura.

Take exit 185 to the EX-A1 (to Plasencia). Follow this road for 9 km.

Take exit 9 towards Jaraíz de la Vera/Casatejada (CC17.2).

Keep going towards Jaraíz de la Vera (turn left once you reach the EX392).

On entering Jaraíz de la Vera, drive on until you reach an intersection where you have to turn right and uphill towards the EX203, to Jarandilla/Madrigal de la Vera.

Follow this curvy road for 5 km until you reach Cuacos de Yuste. Once you get into town, turn the second right (it is the intersection where you would go to the monastery of Yuste if you turned left). Follow this street (Calle Barrio Nuevo) down into the village and you will end up in Plaza de España. The apartments are on the high area of the square, at number 17. Park your car on the square any day except Friday morning (flea market).


Map Cuacos de Yuste